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Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc. is an Innovator in the electric vehicle sector.  We are new to this industry, but what we bring to this burgeoning marketplace will set the course for the future of the electric car market.  Our fleet of self-charging vehicles equipped with the new Proteus Supercharger will offer an unprecedented 300 miles per gallon (MPGe) whilst matching the carbon footprint of a standard plug-in electric vehicle -  This will certainly differentiate us from the pack.   

That company that starts with a "T" made electric vehicles cool... Derek Automotive will make them convenient. 

Welcome to the latest revolution!

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Meet the AVANI ev



Our first vehicle is a mid-sized all-electric SUV.  The AVANI is our first step towards building a new relationship between automobiles and the environment.  

Sustainable Transportation is Our Mission

Derek Automotive Technologies

A New Leader in the Climate Change Battle

We're on a mission to build Full-size, eco-friendly, vehicles. Full-size and eco-friendly are not words commonly used in the same sentence. We plan to change this by showing we can deliver full-size vehicles with a near-zero carbon footprint, without over-loading our struggling electric grid.

Our near-zero emission, Proteus charger is the gap-technology for the next 100 years - The time scientist say we need to develop a truly greener, robust, electric grid. 

Proteus technology has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions across vehicle classes, in marine applications, and in heavy engine applications.

We've Created A Better Way to Recharge EVs

Our Proteus Generator | Supercharger

The Proteus Supercharger is an automated gas-to-electric generator that recharges electric car battery banks without driver interaction. The technology will usher in the era of the 300 MPGe car.  Our design goal is to have a 5 gallon gas tank provide 1500 miles of driving distance, with near-zero emissions. 

RECHARGING CONVENIENCE WILL DRIVE CONSUMER ADOPTION OF EVs. A few gallons of gas is quick and easy to acquire, and only needing a few gallons a month to keep an EV recharged will create new consumer excitement around electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles have been around since the 1940's and then like now they struggle to gain consumer acceptance. Driving range and recharging anxiety continues to retard the adoption of electric vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers pushing to improve the range of their vehicles turn to lithium ion batteries that use rare earth materials whose extraction are a carbon and pollution nightmare.  Lithium Ion battery technology also shifts geo-political power to China, who controls most of the rare earths. Our Proteus Charger is a better solu.

Click image to learn more about the tech.

Click image to learn more about the tech.

Coming Soon...

  • AVANI vehicles equipped with our Proteus Generator technology
  • Plug-in recharging is eliminated.  
  • 5 gallon gas tank provides 1500 mile range.i.e. 300 MPGe.
  • AVANI owners will enjoy the benefits of electric-drive while avoiding the inconveniences: plug-in recharging, distance limitations, and the inability to recharge vehicles during power outages.  
  • Delivery Starts in 2021


The most environmentally important car tech since the car.

Our Proteus supercharger technology has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from the auto sector by two-thirds. Proteus technology recharges EV batteries on the fly and with about the same carbon footprint as an electric vehicle drawing its recharge from a natural gas power plant. Since there is no requirement to build new charging infrastructure time, resources, and additional carbon is saved.

As consumers adopt more convenient Derek Automotive electric vehicles, we will not only drive reductions in carbon emissions, we'll help save public funds by reducing the need to build public charging stations around the globe.

Dealerships Available

We're building our dealer network. If you think you'd like to be a part of the future of the EV apply to become a dealer.  We're offering special incentives to our first twenty-five Founding Dealers.

About Us

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc.

Derek Automotive Technologies Inc. is an automotive startup company incorporated in Nevada in July 2018. The company currently manufactures an all-electric SUV branded the AVANI. In early 2021 the company plans to introduce the AVANI e83 Proteus, a self-charging electric vehicle powered by it's patented gas-to-electric Proteus Supercharger.  The company's founder has been granted two patents to protect the company's intellectual property.

Our Focus

We're not concerned with vehicles spinning-out at 0-60 in a few seconds, right now - Our focus on the BIG ISSUE with electric vehicles: How to recharge them.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver to the world a gap-technology to help reduce CO2 emissions from the automotive sector.   We will put this technology in all our future models to offer the most convenient-to-own electric cars in the market.

Our Goal

 Our goal is to put a Proteus charger powered electric vehicle in every driveway and commercial fleet yard in the world, and remove over 6 gigatons of CO2  per year from the global transportation sector.

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That Company that Starts with a 'T' Made Electric Vehicles Cool... Derek Automotive is Making Them Convenient.

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