Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

We are focused on reducing global carbon emissions. Our patented technology recharges its battery as you drive. Pre-orders are available in US dollars or the soon to be released Electa Coin cryptocurrency.

Electa Motors® is one subsidiary of Derek Automotive. Our vehicles are powered by cutting-edge technology that charges a vehicle while on the move. This revolutionary technology will set new industry standards for convenience in electric vehicle recharging......Read More

Exeeder® is our commercial division dedicated exclusively to vans and trucks. Exeeder products not only bridge the gap between electric vehicles and endurance on the road, but also we intend to exceed industry standards of what’s possible in the heavy-duty electric vehicle industry......Read More

Delivery services play a significant role in our cities. They also contribute largely to carbon emissions. Electa Delivers will introduce a zero-emission delivery service, using electric scooters in addition to a state-of-the-art mobile application platform......Read More

Electa Coin is our new digital cryptocurrency that is accepted for the discount purchases of any Derek Automotive product, including lifestyle products, vans, bikes, SUVs, and items in our metaverse......Read More

Electa Mobility is fully focused on electric scooters.  We are diligently working to equip them with our revolutionary technology, making them far more useful than other models on the market.  Our mobility team’s focus is on the intricate details of design and most importantly unlimited range to establish a superior demand and brand loyalty......Read More

Exeeder Logistics is our immediate entry into the logistics business. The move earns us immediate revenue and connects us to the fleets of Fortune 1000 firms. This sets us up for a smooth introduction of our electric vans and trucks into client fleets......Read More

Retro by Exeeder ® is the newest division of Exeeder, Inc. Derek Automotive has a simple mission statement: To become the most significant carbon reduction company in the world. RETRO will focus on converting the more than 270 million gas vehicles already on the road to electric drive to catalyze the largest reduction in greenhouse gases ever.....Read More

We’re launching a training institute to educate new students on gas-to-electric vehicle conversion. We are in the process of building out physical campus and will immediately launch an online training program that will be available globally through our online university at ...Read More

AVANI E4 Electric SUV

Full Electric Configuration Five-door Panoramic Roof Fully-loaded. Starting price: $75,000.

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Investment opportunities in our dealership network, and various divisions will be featured in the coming weeks and months. We are near completion of our proprietary funding platform which will be branded Inclusive Funder. The platform will streamline investing in any Derek Automotive company, and will also feature investment offers from other select entrepreneurs.

Patented Proteus Generator

Proteus is the name of our gas-to-electric generator technology. Proteus combines the patented super-low emission counterpoise engine which spins a new highly efficient generator to produce low-carbon electricity (emissions per kilowatt hour of energy is on par with a natural gas power plant) for recharging the battery packs in any electric vehicle. Contact us to learn more..Read more