The Revolution Has Begun

The AVANI e83 Proteus

The era of no-plugin electric vehicles begins in 2021. Our AVANI e83 is equipped with the Proteus Supercharger which uses a small of amount of gas to produce tremendous amounts of electricity, to offer consumers all the benefits of EVs, and 1500 miles of range without the recharging hassles.


Delivery in 2021...

The All New AVANI e83 Proteus

Our AVANI e83 model will launch the era of self-charging electric vehicles.  Integrated with our Proteus Supercharger, the AVANI e83 will have 1500 miles of range on a 5-gallon fill-up, and a carbon footprint that's the same as a plug-in EV.

An AVANI Proteus vehicle is not a hybrid in the common sense. The Proteus motor generator does not engage the wheels in anyway, its sole function is to produce generous amounts of electricity to power the batteries and interior cabin of the vehicle. When batteries discharge to 45% the computer turns the generator on to recharge the batteries back to 80% and then turns itself off. The Proteus charger has two patents for its efficiency and weights less than 120 lbs, but produces DC power at the same level as a plugin fast-charger.

Once charger testing is completed for the e83 model, we will introduce a larger SUVs and a sports sedan that will take the top off the electric vehicle market. 

Our next generation of vehicles will be  Super big and super fast electric vehicles with unlimited range and easy gas-to-electric recharging, with a near-zero carbon footprint, all handled automatically by our energy management system.

The Future of Electric Vehicles is with Derek Automotive.

Be First To Drive History

Starting today, you can pay $350 to reserve your vehicle and a production slot. You'll also get a Derek Automotive lapel logo pin, to let other know you'll be driving history. Your production slot certificate is a commodity you'll be able to sell later for a profit if you decide not to use it for your own purchase.

Demand for the first self-charging EV is anticipated to be robust so place your order today to ensure you're at the front of the line to get the new AVANI e83 Proteus.


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