Derek Automotive Technologies

AVANI ev-1

The AVANI ev-1 is the first product from Derek Automotive. The AVANI is a mid-sized, luxury SUV that's perfect for singles and small families.

Our first twenty-five buyers are guaranteed a 70% trade-in value to upgrade to the soon be released AVANI e83 Proteus, self-charging EV. The second fifty buyers receive a 50% trade-in certificate, and the next 50 buyers will receive a 35% trade-in certificate.

Interior Options


Panoramic Sunroof

Because we of the coming Proteus Supercharger we're loading the EV with great features. We won't have to worry about battery life!

Great Reviews

People are loving the AVANI SUV

More options coming soon...

Car Configuration App / Online


We're building a web app that will make configuring your Derek Automotive vehicle as easy as posting to social media. You'll simply choose a dealer where you'd like to pickup you vehicle.

Upgrade-on Packages


Custom wheels, carbon fiber, front grills, sports packages, you name it and we're creating the option for you to make your vehicle your dream car.

Themed Designs


Our design team is busy designing unique vehicle design themes for various demographics, such a Punk Rock edition and other fun themes. Look for them soon...

Place Order Today

We're taking orders now for delivery in March 2020. All order will be custom, and you will be able to work with a sales representative to configure your vehicle just the way you want. We have many trim packages available. The process begins with a $259 deposit to reserve your production slot. You will receive a numbered production slot certificate, and a representative will contact you begin the ordering process.