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We’re looking for the best and brightest independent dealers to join us in our efforts to drive the future of mobility. We're a startup car company with a bright future, but we won't reach our potential without the help of dedicated dealers, so we're making it very rewarding to join our team. 

We're Offering Our Dealers: 

The Future of the EV Market – We're offering YOU self-charging EV technology that will dominate the market, i.e. a fleet of electric vehicles that will guarantee your dealership primacy in its local market(s). The AVANI EV-1 is only the beginning... with the introduction of the AVANI e83 Proteus we will begin a new chapter in the evolution of electric vehicles, and you will have made the decision to be at the front of a revolution in the transportation sector.

Bigger Profits – We're sharing more of the profit margin with our dealers, along with fixed-pricing across our network so everyone holds their profits.

Founding Dealers Get Equity – We know starting any type of business is risky, especially in the auto industry, so we want our risk-takers to OWN the company, along with u. Therefore our first 20 founding dealers receive equity on a dollar for dollar bases of the amount of their initial dealership investment.

Partnership – We're building a new type of car company - dealers are family - will do everything in our power to ensure your success selling our vehicles, and to help you provide outstanding customer service to OUR clients.

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Provide your contact information and pay your initiation fee below. We will send you your dealer application within 24 hours, and you will be assigned a company rep to walk you through the entire process.

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Frequently Asked (FAQ)

What is the investment to become a dealer?

Our first 20 dealers will pay a dealership fee of $150,000 which will include three vehicles for the showroom and includes licensing & support fees.  

Dealer is also responsible to provide :

  1. Two to three vehicle samples - included in dealer fee, but must be replaced if vehicle is sold.
  2. Vehicle Stock: NONE except samples - all vehicles will be custom made and delivered in 6 weeks.
  3. Working Capital (from bank or personal funds): You should capital on hand to operate your dealership for 6-months without revenue.
  4. Banking relationships in addition to relationships provided by Derek Automotive.
  5. Showroom for customer sales.

What are the showroom requirements?

Derek Automotive's strategy is to offer custom-made, customer designed, vehicles, on a 6-8 week delivery schedule from the order date. Therefore, we're envisioning vehicle design & order lounges where customers visit with a salesperson to build their own trim package for their vehicle. These will be small footprint, highly-styled showrooms with display cars and computer monitor clusters, along with a sleek coffee / refreshments bar. (Imagine a Capital One bank coffee cafe, except with cars.)

Dealership terms & agreements?

Dealers pay a non-refundable $4500 fee upfront to begin the dealer application process, for contract preparation and other dealer setup costs. (Please understand, we are a small company that can't afford to run up legal fees for uncompleted deals. The fee is intended to be a deterrent to time wasters - please don't apply unless and until you are capable and ready). Initial contracts are for five years and are automatically renewed for additional terms upon successful operations and customer service.

If a dealer applicant is not awarded a dealership for reasons NOT related to the dealer applicant -i.e. we don't have the dealer area available, can't  provide dealer support, or other company related reasons, a full refund of the application fee is given. Company has 30 days to make a determination.

Dealer territory?

A distinct area of operation will be given to the dealership for sales and service related activities. This is called your command area. Cross selling in other dealer's command area is not allowed.

How will dealers handle vehicle service?

We will begin with what we call a RANGER SERVICE. With the exception to the battery management system, any certified mechanic will be able to perform routine maintenance on the vehicle - remember, electric vehicles don't require a lot of maintenance.  Our battery system technician (traveling Ranger(s)) will come to the local service center to service customer vehicles. We will have at least one service facility in any are of service. If your dealership is in a retail space and does not have a service bay your customers will be directed to the closest service facility.