Electric Bikes That Deliver

Bikes are becoming a critical tool in the last-mile delivery sector. Our B4-Delivery bike allows you to dominate delivery routes as you zoom past competing electric delivery bikes wasting valuable delivery time sitting at charging plugs. Electa’s ‘LoopGen-charging system’ allows your bike to keep moving. The more you ride the more you charge!

Delivery vans may be capable of carrying more packages, but they are much less efficient at actually making deliveries. A recent study found that electric cargo bikes were capable of making 10 deliveries per hour on average in urban areas, while delivery vans made only 6 deliveries in the same period. The major factor was the e-bike’s ability to skip heavy traffic utilizing bicycle lanes and more abundant parking choices for short stops while the larger delivery vans spend nearly twice the time in traffic and securing parking.
Keep an eye out for our delivery bikes in the coming months.

Delivery services play a significant role in our cities and Electa Delivers will bring the carbon footprint from delivery to zero.
A state-of-the-art mobile application for Electa Delivers will soon be available to download.

ElectaDelivers.com is coming soon.


  • All-Electric
  • City Ready
  • LoopGen Technology

E Delivery Bike