March Magazine Article

The SandBox

Sandbox, founded by Arthur Madrid (CEO) and Sébastien Borget (COO), started its life as a game in 2012. Animoca Brands acquired the company in 2018 and introduced 3D and blockchain to the game. The metaverse shift happened in November 2021. The currency on Sandbox is SAND. The company is working with multiple partners in the entertainment, finance, gaming, real estate and Hongkong film industry to create a virtual Mega City. Sandbox is a single Metaverse layer divided evenly into a grid. All the land is the same size and users can combine their plots to generate bigger places. The supply of land is limited. Sandbox land is sold through auctions and can be bought using SAND currency available on Binance. The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha is free game design software that allows creators to build 3D voxel worlds from templates and speed the game development.

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