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Tesla Made Electric Vehicles cool..., Derek Automotive is Making Them Convenient.

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We're Solving a Huge Problem



  • Lack of charging stations
  • Distance limitations - even with dangerous lithium ion batteries.
  • Limitation on vehicle accessories due to effects on battery life.  
  • Recharging EVs during power outages & disasters
  • Cost to public treasury for new charging infrastructure.
  • Slow consumer adoption of Electric vehicles.

One works with the other. Each is a profit center

A Patented Generator Supercharger

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 At less than 150 lbs, our proprietary Proteus charger technology provides superior recharging performance at a comparable cost and carbon footprint to conventional plug-in recharging,  thus fulfilling market demand for a more efficient and time-saving method of recharging electric vehicles.  Our disruptive proprietary Proteus charger recharges vehicle batteries has required by converting, easy to access, gasoline into electricity. In short, Derek Automotive puts the electric power plant inside the vehicle to answer a consumer demand for a more convenient method of recharging electric-drive vehicles.  

Through extensive R&D we've enhanced the  efficiency & energy density of our charger while reducing CO2 emissions to near-zero. 

Once proven in our own products the Proteus charger will command significant licensing revenues across industries.

A New Fleet of Electric Vehicles


We plan to have a fleet of SELF-CHARGING electric vehicles, including SUVs, mini-vans, city trucks, and a sports sedan.  

We are launching with a mid-size SUV but plan to introduce these additional vehicle models as we complete and scale our Proteus Supercharger technology. We have manufacturing agreements with experienced vehicle manufacturing partners for a range of vehicles. These agreements allow us to scale quickly to meet consumer demand.

Customer Review

Check out this reviewers opinion.

We Have a Lot of Traction

Our first is a mid-sized SUV we've branded the AVANI ev-1 is ready for resale in all-electric mode, with a retail price of $47,560.  

Our Proteus Supercharger is anticipated to be fully integrated into our production by 2021, making us the hottest electric car company in the world.

We're Building Our Dealer Network

We have some of the biggest names in autos and media working with us to identify and recruit high quality dealers to our network. Unlike Tesla and other electric car companies, our goal is to partner with experienced auto dealers to quickly grow our platform, and provide our customers a sense of ease in purchasing our vehicles, knowing we have their local dealer on our team.

We've invested Over $4 million & have near ZERO debt!

Our competitors have hundred of millions, in some cases billions, to get to where we are. Through good stewardship of funds we have built our prototype with a fraction of the funds deployed by others, setting us to be able to share PROFITS with our shareholders much sooner than our competitors.

Strong Manufacturing Agreements

We're using the Apple Model of product delivery. We've partnered with experienced auto manufacturers to assure quality, reduce hurdles, and control costs. Qua can only be derived from years of experience building vehicles. Our partnerships allows us to remain focused on building Proteus superchargers, and building our dealer / sales platform.

How We're Different

Off-Grid EV Recharging


Our vehicles won't recharge from the electric-grid, making them less burdensome and more convenient for consumers.

Newly Developed Tech


2018 Patent on a new near-zero emission generator motor technology for recharging battery drive vehicles.

A Gap-Technology


Our Proteus Supercharger is a gap technology that will move consumers to electric drive vehicles without inconvenience. As the electric-grid becomes smarter and greener, any transition will be easier because Derek Automotive will have everyone using electric-drive vehicles, already.

No Rare Earths Needed


Constant recharging allows us to avoid the national security and supply chain risk of using rare earth batteries, as well as the costs associated with lithium ion batteries.

Massive Export Potential


In 2017, a total of 97.3 million cars and commercial vehicles were built worldwide, led by China, with about 29 million motor vehicles manufactured, followed by the United States with 11.2 million, and Japan with 9.7 million. Imagine  a PROTEUS  SUPERHARGER in Everyone.  

First Minority-Controlled Electric Vehicle Company


Government and corporate procurement rules mean massive opportunities for our company as the sole-source minority-contractor for vehicles, buses, trucks, generators, and more.

Experts Agree the EV Market Will Grow

News Wires



JP Morgan



But There Are Many Challenges:

Zero Carbon is a Fantasy

The public is more aware that while EVs don't emit carbon, they pollute at the Power Plant.  

Resistance to Use of Public Dollars

Many are resistant to using public dollars to build new charging infrastructure. Others are calling for the discontinuance of government subsidies for EV purchases.

Battery Cost & Rare Earth Mining Pollution

The rare earths used in lithium ion batteries produce enormous amounts of pollution, when extracted. In addition, the batteries are expensive and current EVs are packed with them to achieve driving distance acceptable to consumers. This is a major reason for the elevated prices of electric vehicles.

Consumers Don't Like Plug-in Recharging.

The time it takes to recharge is a major consumer concern. Also, consumers fear the inability to locate charging stations, especially in poor weather when EV batteries discharge faster, leading to situations like the picture at the top of this page.

  1. The carbon footprint from our gas-to-electric Proteus charger is roughly the same as recharging an EV from a natural gas power plant - The cleanest fossil fuel plants in use today.
  2. Our self-charging vehicles require no public charging ports, saving communities millions.
  3. Constant recharging from the Proteus Supercharger allows us to avoid lithium ion batteries, and reduce overall costs and pollution.
  4. Consumer get what they want: EVERYTHING! The green-pride of using an electric-drive vehicle (now, understanding that the carbon footprint is the same), and the convenience of continuing to easily put a small amount of gas in their vehicle as the charging method. Most consumers will also see a reduction in their monthly fuel cost.

Why Invest Now?

We will impact the future of a $600 billion opportunity

Investment banks around the globe agree that the electric car industry is one of the most attractive and fastest growing industries globally - expected to grow from $100 Billion to nearly $600 Billion within the next 10 years, alone. We believe our self-charging vehicles will be preferred by consumers.

Paradigm shifts can cause valuations can move quickly!

Our gas-to-electric Proteus Supercharger represents a paradigm shift in electric vehicle recharging. Historically, a paradigm shift in a mature industry has lead to market domination by the company introducing the new thinking. Our valuations could sky-rocket quickly upon such occurrence.

We have a technology that will soar!

The company's core technology - its Proteus Supercharger - has applications across transportation sectors, including marine, industrial generators, small engines, and piston aircraft applications. Once proven in the company's auto business the technology will be licensed broadly, creating windfall profits.

Getting in early can have a huge impact on your returns

In addition to licensing its technology, the company is planning an early registration of its shares on a public market, and anticipates that vehicle & licensing sales will reach $700 million by 2023. Our share price could explode quickly, making a later investment much more costly, leaving a huge missed opportunity! You've heard it before, $250 invested in Tesla at startup would be worth over $2 million today.

We're giving some great perks to early investors

See our investor perks list below. Higher levels include lower level perks.

Perks for Investing Early:

Invest $25,000 or more


Receive 10% Bonus Shares, as a thank you for supporting us.

Invest $150k or more


First 100 investors, only.

Collectors-Edition AVANI E83. These vehicles will represent history & we predict they will increase in value over the years.  

Invest $2.5 Mil or more


One investors at this level.


We will brand a model with 

YOUR NAME (Ask about rules.)

Our Team

A passionate team, with the experience to make it happen.

Derek Automotive's team is made up of experienced engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, bankers, auto dealers, and social media and design experts. Each individual on our team is dedicated  to our mission of developing innovative, efficient, and stylish, automotive products.


Nearly every team member is an entrepreneur who has built successful businesses with successful exits. They know how to build from the ground up.

Creativity and Innovation

Patents for new engine technology, new generator technology , with more patent applications being filed.

A Shared History

Our Tech Team worked together for over 19 years. Our team is focused on launching a successful business, while  simultaneously making the world a cleaner and better place for future  generations.

Click to Meet the Key Team Members

Click to Meet the Key Team Members

Offering Summary


Offering Summary


Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc.

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777 Schwab Rd, Unit M, Hatfield PA 19440

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 Convertible Debt (28 months @12% Annum. 

Converts at 35% Discount to market)

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