Key Team Members

Derek W Bailey, Founder


  Derek is a serial entrepreneur and business investor, with more than 40 years of business startup and operations experience, including co-founding WolvertonBailey, Inc. the company that developed the Proteus supercharger technology, along with successful exits from other firms in the fields of HR and staffing services, digital marketing, and mobile applications. Mr. Bailey is a named inventor of the company’s intellectual property / patents. 

Dr. Corey Alston, COO


 Dr. Alston has worked for some of the world’s leading firms over the past 20 years. This includes serving as an analyst with Goldman Sachs, a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company, a partner in a public finance firm, and starting his own middle-market investment advisory firm. He has orchestrated substantial capital raises and strategy implementations for many ventures resulting in highly successful exits. 

Adrian Johnson, Esquire


 Adrian Johnson, Esquire is a corporate attorney trained in advocacy, negotiations, and corporate law specialties.  He brings 10+ years of international experience (Asia, Central America, and Europe) to the company. Adrian’s areas of expertise include: Business/Corporate Finance Operations & Tax, Commercial/Employment Law, Risk Assessment  / Mergers/Acquisitions /Reorganization, Regulatory compliance / Securities and Real Estate Purchases/Leases/Foreclosure.  

Michael Brunson, CFO


 Michael is managerial accountant who brings the company more than 35 years of accounting and financial planning experience. He concentrates on necessary financial analysis, projections, strategic analysis, and banking, as well as reporting information to owners, developing tax strategies, and working with attorneys, and building relationships with key stakeholders. 

Austin Haines, VP Dealer Dev.


 Austin brings a background in automotive sales combined with 19 years of sales  management experience, working in both the public and private sectors.  Austin is also a Certified Trainer / motivator with Tony Robbins the #1 International Best Selling Author and motivational trainer.     

Peter Capriotti, VP Dealer Dev.


Peter has been in the automotive industry since 2008, playing major roles at both Volkswagen and Mazda. He was top 50 in sales nationwide (1,800 salesmen nationwide) for VW. Prior to entering the auto business Pete founded US PUBLIC PHONES and operated 1,200 Public pay-phones in 4 states. From 1975 to 1987, Pete was a securities broker with Phillips, Appel and Walden, a NYSE member firm acquired by Mueller and Co 1982. 

Advisory Board Members

Del Wolverton, Science Advisor


Del is a Navy trained engineer who served over 40 years and reached the rank of Master Chief. Del is the Co-inventor of the Counterpoise and Amplidyne generator technology that forms the technical foundation of our Proteus Supercharger.

Michael Canzoneri


Michael has more than 19 years’ experience in the  development and deployment of enterprise software solutions with a  primary focus on customer-facing applications, enterprise data warehouses and analytics architecture(s).   As a veteran of Silicon Valley startups,  Michael has successfully delivered more than 100 successful disruptive  Customer Experience, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Graph projects across a multitude of industries.  Michael received his  undergraduate degree from Penn State University, Masters of Business  Administration (MBA) from Villanova University, and has attended Harvard  University focusing his studies on Data Science.  He is now working on graduate-level courses and research in Quantum  Computing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).