Derek Automotive Enters the Metaverse

Metaverse is widely labeled as the next phase in human evolution, and our entering this space fits perfectly with being part of the next step of the evolution. This second world, the metaverse, is no longer just science fiction. A combination of visual worlds using technologies like VR and AR are coming together to create new communities within brand-new realities powered by new money, i.e. virtual currencies. The largest social media company has recently committed $10 billion to build its metaverse, hence the re-branding to Meta, and they’re not alone. Such efforts are a clear reminder of metaverse’s potential to lead the future of new media.

An Imperative Venture for Derek Automotive

Metaverse is an ideal new arena to educate and entertain our brand’s audience. There is a significant profit awaiting early adopters. Consider the fact that metaverse real estate sales topped $500 million in 2021, and sales are projected to double in 2022. A company named Republic Realm paid a record $4.3 million for land in Sandbox, the largest metaverse real estate platform. Yes, It is truly a bold new reality. Somnium Space, another VR world in the Metaverse, is selling land that consists of uneven plots and comes with an erc20 token called Somnium Space CUBEs.

The space is used through VR, PC and Web which is usable even on mobile. Somnium Space has just over 5,000 land parcels along a pre-generated map and the current land has an implied value of over $93 million while they periodically release new land. Examples like this are evidence of the potential for Derek Automotive to utilize the abundance of profit metaverse has to offer in order to fund the development accumulation center.

Our metaverse being called “Electa World” and will share some of the mentioned features while introducing certain new concepts. Electa World will be a place with near-zero carbon emissions, and a free world with no discriminations towards race, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. It will feature green electric vehicles (our cars and trucks), businesses where users can actually earn revenue through jobs that pay in this world, and more.

Our Electa World launch will feature around one thousand plots of land of various sizes for sale, with a focus on commercial and luxury residential land. Electa World will have its own digital currency (for now an ‘erc’ token) called the Electa Coin. Our NFT’s will trade on UpStream, a new regulated exchange that provides greater protections against bad actors offering bank-like account insurance. We strongly believe this is superior to trading on platforms that are unregulated, and users have to take more steps to turn tokens/coins into real cash. We will be launching a full description of Electa World and its development roadmap in March 2022. Use the email form below to get on the notifications list.

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